Running Tour Valletta

All around the Capital City

Running in Valletta


The running tour will start from the Triton Fountain, just before the main entrance in the City Gate.

We'll be moving towards the coast line heading over to the other side of the peninsula facing Manoel Island, then passing by Fort St. Elmo, Sacra Infermeria and get closer to the Valletta Waterfront.

Then we'll get in the City Gate moving towards the Barrakka Gardens and discover hidden gems and attractions within the Capital. From the The Grandmaster's Palace to the iconic St. John's Cathedral, this running tour has lot to offer with hidden places to discover.

3 Reasons to take this tour:


World Heritage City

Valletta is a World Heritage City so have a run here is a unique experience.

Knights of Malta

This is the only chance to run within the walls of a city built by the Knights of St John with hidden gems to discover.

Art and history

5KM full of history and art, your legs and your soul will thank you at the end of it.


  • (just you & guide)
  • Pick up service available upon request
  • 25€ p/person if multiple runners


5 KM
  • Estimated duration: 1 hr and 15 mins
  • It depends on the group size


  • Mostly flat route
  • (no worries, we'll match your pace)

Meeting Point

We'll meet at the Triton Fountain, just before the main entrance in Valletta.

Otherwise feel free to request a pick up service from your stay.

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Date and time

Give us the date and the time you wish to book the tour.

We are flexible with the timeline and will try to accommodate your preferences.

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Running Tours Malta is your private running tour that will make sure you get your exercise even during your holiday. This a unique chance to visit and get to know Malta through a different perspective. You get the opportunity to run along the best scenic routes that Malta has to offer and get a feel for the island like a local runner.

While travelling you can keep up your running habits and discover the Maltese countryside at the same time. We'll match your pace so every runner is more than welcome to join our tours: from the easy going runner to the athlete on vacation and trail runners! So lace up your running shoes and select one of the scenic tours that Running Tours Malta has prepared for you with much dedication and experience. Let us make this running experience a great one, so you can go back home with a luggage-full of great memories.