Trail Tour Dingli Cliffs

Experience the most scenic trail in the island

Dingli Cliffs Scenic Trail


Stunning and impressive panoramic views together with a challenging route is what you'll experience during the Dingli Cliffs trail. Starting from the ancient Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, the trail will go around the maltese countryside with the islet of Filfla in the distance.

This tour is a great opportunity for trail amateurs who are looking for a long distance tour with a full immersion in nature. The trail route goes up to 253 metres above sea-level, with the Dingli Cliffs being the highest point of Malta, a fantastic spot to enjoy the view. We will pass through impressive rock formations within an area called Wardija ta’ San Ġorġ, a Bronze Age village site, to then move towards Laferla Cross and the limits of Siġġiewi village where we will complete the tour that covers a total of 15 kilometres.

3 Reasons to run this tour:


Unique Trail Experience

A run along the Limestones trail within a Bronze Age village site is not to be missed.


Scenic view

Reaching several panoramic views from Dingli Cliffs to Laferla Cross.


Long Trail

Recommended for trail lovers looking for a long run and scenic run immersed in nature.


  • (just you & guide)
  • Pick up service available upon request
  • 35€ p/person if multiple runners


15 KM
  • Estimated duration: 2h and 30 mins
  • It depends on the group size


  • Uphill and Downhill
  • (no worries, if you are a trail lover you will make it)

Meeting point

We'll meet at the Ħaġar Qim bus stop, at Triq il-Wied, Qrendi.

Otherwise feel free to request a pick up service from your stay.

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Date and time

Give us the date and the time you wish to book the tour.

Pick up service available upon request.

We are flexible with the timeline and will try to accommodate your preferences.

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