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    Guided running and trails tours to explore Malta

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Explore Malta with a local runner at your pace! Contact us


Most Popular Tours

  • Valletta

    Let's jog and run within the Capital City
    from 25€ 5 KM 1 hr and 15 mins At your own pace with no rush
  • Dingli Cliffs Trail

    Great trail with panoramic views
    from 35€ 15 KM 2 hrs and 30 mins Will match your own pace
  • South of Malta

    Explore the Temples of Malta with a scenic run
    from 25€ 8 KM 1 hour and 30 mins At your own pace with no rush
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Our Running Experiences

Southern Coast

A run along the Southern coastline towards the Ħaġar Qim Temples to absorb the magical atmosphere. Read More

Dingli Cliffs Trail

The Dingli cliffs trail offers spectacular views to enjoy the Maltese countryside with a challenging route. Read More

Discover Valletta

Running through the streets of the World Heritage Maltese Capital City to discover all its beauties. Read More

Manikata Trail

A short trail run along the cart-ruts and dry stone walls to enjoy spectacular views. Read More
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Whether you are an amatuer or very into running, we will make sure to match your individual pace with the possibility to customise your route.

Group size

From single runners to couples, group of friends: your personal running guide will organise a tailor made tour.

Date and Time

Flexibility in terms of meeting times and spots so you will only need to think about enjoying your run, while taking in your surroundings.

Why Choose Us?

  • Easy booking
  • Private Running Guide
  • What is included
  • Training for your race
Easy booking

Very easy to book


    Select your favourite tour.


  Send us an email about your date and time preferences.


   Will meet at the meeting point of the tour and will have a unique running experience!

Running Guide Malta

Private Running Guide


  Unforgettable experience with a local and passionate runner that will guide you through the maltese sceneries. With no rush, this is not the typical tourists tour!


  Will cover the best routes on the island: from Valletta to Mdina, from Birgu to the Southern coast. An amasing running experience is awaiting for you!


   Whether you are an amateur or very into running, we will make sure to match your individual pace.

Running Tours Items

What is included


  Private tour with an experienced guide


  Your running guide will carry for you half litre bottle of still water


   Photos & Videos along the way, sure can be done!

Training Runninh Malta

Are you training for an upcoming race?


  It's always to run and will welcome your preferences: 5 KM, 10 KM or Half Marathon to prepare. No worries will come up with a tailor made run considering your goals and your preferences.


  Even on a vacation will keep you fit while enjoing the Maltese landscape.


   Send us an email or give us a call and will make it happen!

What Our Customers Say

  • "Umberto was knowledgable kind and gave us an amazing expirience. We were a family with kids and he adopted the running to our needs. Running in the 3 cities was beautiful and a great way to combine history with some exercise." Read More
    Ekaterina and family from Tel Aviv Tripadvisor Experiences review
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Your Running Guide

  • Your local runner

    Let's run together and discover Malta

    Umberto is a local runner and the one behind this concept that combines his love for the beauty and history of Malta and running.

    The aim here is have a local experience while running, jogging to treasure lots of memories of the pleasant time spent with us.

    Always on the look out for the next full or/and half marathon, our local runner has run several races in Europe such as Athens (yes, I have run the Authentic Marathon!) Rome, Manchester, Leeds, Iceland, Bratislava, Paris and Malta of course!

    Malta has lots to be admired and also with its fascinating history involved. Runners will be fascinated to hear about the different stories. English or Italian will be the languages used along the routes. Have this experience is fun with a passionate local, nothing else. No matter your running expertise or fitness level, we'll make sure to keep an easy pace to meet your needs.


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Running Tours Malta - Unique Experience

Running Tours Malta is your private running tour that will make sure you get your exercise even during your holiday. This a unique chance to visit and get to know Malta through a different perspective. You get the opportunity to run along the best scenic routes that Malta has to offer and get a feel for the island like a local runner.

While travelling you can keep up your running habits and discover the Maltese countryside at the same time. We'll match your pace so every runner is more than welcome to join our tours: from the easy going runner to the athlete on vacation and trail runners! So lace up your running shoes and select one of the scenic tours that Running Tours Malta has prepared for you with much dedication and experience. Let us make this running experience a great one, so you can go back home with a luggage-full of great memories.