Running routes in Malta

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Malta provides different running routes and being an island gives you different choices in terms of sceneries: from the coast line to the inland, from the little villages to the countryside. Running next to the sea along the promenade is what you generally speaking would expect and the most convenient route if you keep in mind "safety first" as they say. But challenging routes within the countryside with no tarmac is always a temptation to not miss.


Lace up your shoes and enjoy the Maltese landscape

Malta has a different range of running routes to explore: from the South to the North of this tiny island the choice is quite wide considering its dimension. Malta is measuring 316km squared / 30km by 19km, and as an enthusiastic runner I found fascinating the range of different routes and places to discover. A runner with the passion to look out for new places and willing to repeat time to time some of the preferred ones because you will always find something different to the previous time running there. Also if you are preparing a race to compete then going out to immerse yourself in the beauty of the nature and costline then you have a good excuse to not miss a running session.

The weather helps as well considering that it is sunny almost all year around. The hot summer makes your run harder than the usual stroll, so early morning or after the sunset will make your daily run in a more bearable one. The rest of the year is definitely more appealing and your will to run will definitely get a boost.

Pick your favourite running route: nature, city or coastline?

As every runner has got a list of favourite routes, I do as well have my soft spot for some itineraries. I must say that the preferences are based on what your expectations are, then difficult level you are looking for and, most of all, the scenery you would like to enjoy on your way. So for this reason there are several running routes that will include a varied choice such as more natural places together with the city one.
For this, me as local runner of Running Tours Malta I come up with the top 4 running itineraries to experience in Malta. Each one has a different level and of course various distances to cover and all of them will explore various places of the country.

Running in the Capital

Valletta: running around the peninsula
Running in the Capital City is a great experience to enjoy because it will give you the chance to run along the coastline and admire its bastions all around its peninsula. Along the route you will pass by the Fort St.Elmo and the Sacra Infermeria or Grand Hospital (where now it is held the Mediterranean Conference Centre) and going up towards the Barakka Gardens. It's a 5 Kilometres itinerary with a steep hill near the harbour close the Valletta Waterfront to watch out , but no worries will take it easy! It is one of the best way to run, discover hidden places: this is a unique guided tour in Valletta.


South of Malta: countryside and coast line to enjoy
I must say that this one will fit yourself if you are looking for a quiet place to run and immerse yourself within the nature and the Maltese history. It is suitable for runners that they are used to run for 10 kilometres since the route has some hilly parts. However the overall level is a moderate once considering that you will find out that the route is a mix of flat and hilly sections along the way.


Mdina: let's enjoy the view
Good vibes and great views are to be remembered running around Mdina, the Silent city. Lots to see within its walls but also in Rabat, the closest village to Mdina.


The 3 Cities: Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua to run in one go
You will be amazed that in such a short running route will be possible to visit the Three Cities connected by bridges while running around the coastline and ended it up within the Birgu's fortifications. To revive the Great Siege attack, this itinerary offers the best location to do so.

These are my favourite running routes that currently I am offering to guide you through, so choose the one you like and let's discover Malta while running or jogging.

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